Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snake Eyes Missions - #1

Mission Objective: Punish "Sawyer" for destroying my mental (dreamy) image of Juliet on LOST.
Yeah- here's the deal. The Sawyer character is a dirt ball, liar-liar-eyes on fire crack-puppy. Not that he doesn't have a good line now and then, but Sawyer stands for all that is wrong with fellas today. And he can't find a razor to save his redneck ass. Now they've gone and actually "tainted" the one nice girl left on the show (blondie doctor Juliet) by hooking her up with Sawyer based on their being together on the island. Come on girl, there's like 9 billion other guys on earth. Why settle for the guy who has longer hair than you do just because he's around. Girls are so stupid sometimes...
I hereby commission the silent-stealthy one to use any and all mean necessary to totally wipe out James Sawyer. I don't even need proof. Just get it done big guy. And maybe after years of therapy and penicilin shots, Juliet can go back to being the delicious little cutie she was at the beginning of tonights episode. I'm so bummed I could cry. Stupid Sawyer. Girl don't you know he's going to dump you the minute Freckle Face comes back and gets all "I love Jack but Sawyer is my soulmate" blah blah blah. Poor Juliet. Maybe this was an alternative universe and it never actually happened, like they do in comic books sometimes...
- AoH

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  1. let me illuminate a concept you fail to be grasping - some women love the challenge of domesticating a feral man. the bad boy turned good! oh it's some women's dream!