Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Litterbox Confessions- Tales of 3 Kittens That Rule My Life

Ralphie Update 03/03/09-
Monday night was by far the best Ralphie Bad-Boy has behaved in several months. Our pre-bedtime ritual may have changed if this continues. Ralph kicked things off with wanting to get "a touch", which is code for I yell "who wants to get a touch?" and all the animals (Izzie puppy included) come running down to the kitchen and take turns standing up on 2 legs and batting at the little bag of kitten treats I hold. Franklin Big-Boy is the master of this little game. He actually registers excitement on his face, while the other pets just have that "food=good" look. Anyways, Ralph was all jacked up to get a "touch", and then he sort of got "super-hyper" for about 20 minutes... and then he crashed. Next we filled up the food bowl! Before long there was a sleepy Bad-Kitty laying between us in bed while we watched tv. Full belly equals sleepy right afterwards apparently. I think the key here is to pet him a lot and make him want to relax and chill out (as opposed to play guerilla-warfare and jump on your face at 2 am). Best night of sleep I've had in maybe 3 weeks. And all I got this morning was a slight claw-scratch across my left palm and wrist. What a good kitty. And to think I suggested Benedryl a few days ago...

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