Sunday, March 1, 2009

AoH- Whoops... I Accidently Deleted My Original Blog

Well- that's going to happen from time to time. Not that the group following this page is uber-big or anything.. We won't have to send out a mailer or to get membership back, etc. So, anyways... Let's kick March off like this-
There are 31 days separating Brienne and me from moving into our new home. From the time we both decided to make this a long-lasting "us thing", we've both wanted similar things in life- simplicity, good jobs, freedom to travel and explore the world, being close to family, good friends, nephews and nieces. But now we're basically a month removed from being in THE home base. We fully intend to live the next 30 years in this place, and we are both energized for the upcoming months. Except this next one is going to take forever! So many little ideas and concepts and designs to put into play, and we have to wait some 31 days. I'm smiling while I write this, but we've all had to wait for what we want at some point, and now it's so close; it's almost mockingly close.
Sitting around drinking coffee and pouring over design magazines and interiors, websites about garage floors, drawing floor plans of furniture placement, color schemes and renovation ideas for each year; what a wonderful time to be together and hopeful. I fully realize how fortunate I am and have been these last 5 years with Brienne at my side, always slowly being guided and aimed at this next month. One of our funniest little side jokes was after we got married, maybe a week later- she asked me "so what do we do now?" And I answered with a smile "I guess we just hang out for the rest of our lives". Now we'll have a place that's ours to hang out at.
And don't think one of my first goals isn't to get my sweet little Izzie puppy a fenced-in back yard so she can wander around O.U.T. at her own pace. The "Zule Retirement Home" so to speak. Course she's going to have 3 little brothers to keep her company the entire time.
So the dates and such for the next month look like this: Our final approval letter happens 3/7/09, followed by another week before we will start packing up the apartment. Brienne doesn't want to start packing too soon, but our little "wink wink" idea is to unload a bunch of stuff to 'Goodwill' or the dumpster. There's a "trade-in" store just down the road where we'll probably exchange old movies and cds we're not using for cash/credit too. Our closing date is Monday, March 30, with the final walk-through/inspection occuring 48 hours earlier on that Saturday. As of Thursday, April 2nd at 10:00 am, we are the residents of the house. Brienne and I both will take that Thursday and Friday off to clean and move small stuff. Saturday, April 4th is big-boy moving day, U-Haul and all. It should be a quick job, mostly because we don't own that much and are totally excited to box up the apartment early. I actually think the basement and maybe the living room are going to be empty for the first few months we live there. One piece of furniture at a time I guess... So March, hurry up already. We need to get to the beginning of April- that will probably be one of the best weeks of our lives.


  1. This is Tiffany (Eric's wife/Karen's sister-in-law). I just wanted to say Congratulations on the new home!!! And also, there is this really neat stuff that you paint onto your garage floor. Then when something gets spilled on it you open the garage door and spray it off with a water hose or whatever. I can't remember the name of it...but it looks sort of speckled.

    Oh and it was really neat when we moved into our house, a friend of mine, threw us a housewarming party. You can register for things or people just show up with some gifts (ie-houseplants)and you have snacks and show off your new home!

  2. We are so excited for the both of you. Can't wait to see you in your new home